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Daily Objects
Daily ObjectsDaily Objects

A tech and design focussed brand, Daily Objects has been at the forefront of the revolution of bringing good design to people's everyday life. Their carefully-crafted product line is both impeccably designed & functional at once. Through their collection they intend to inspire customers for everyday possibilities, by offering daily use accessories as a portal of self-expression.

The brand's new collection of bags, named 'Pangea', literally meaning “all the earth” is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It is designed to draw attention towards the abundant beauty, and fragility of our planet while inspiring consumers to make sustainable lifestyle choices. In addition to further forming a deeper connection and synergy with the world around them as they go about their daily lives.

Inspired by the playful state of mind, collection ‘Recess’ features a range of comfortable carry-in, exhibiting bold and fun self-expression. Recess carries hand-drawn, original, and unconventional animal illustrations by rising Indian streetwear artist, Prakhar Chauhan that draw optimal attention to a bold choice of self-expression.

Lastly the Tarp Collection is inspired by urban carriers and channel elements such as street, bare, and unassuming in character. The collection features age-old tarpaulin, imagined in sophisticated treatment with a semi-structured silhouette to exhibit a chic-yet-eclectic aesthetic. This range both catches and echoes the attitude of its strong, free-spirited, and powerful wearers. 

High on aesthetics, function, and utility, while thoughtfully connecting consumers with the planet through these conscious collections.  Daily Objects are shifting the way we view our everyday surroundings and introduce a thoughtful approach in the way we consume. You can view their collections here

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