CanaCraft's Artisanal Hemp Beer Is Reshaping India's Brewing Traditions

CanaCraftDhaval Panchal

Hemp-infused beer, need I say more?

CanaCraft's inception sprang from the visionary mind of Dhaval Panchal, co-founder of The Hemp Factory, India's premier Hemp-infused Cloud Kitchen. Recognising the potential for expansion, Dhaval joined forces with Mehul Patel, a skilled brewer. Their encounter at the Lil Flea Event sparked discussions that led to the conceptualisation of hemp-infused beer, setting the wheels in motion for CanaCraft's journey.

In a bold leap toward innovation and sustainability, CanaCraft emerges as a pioneering brand in India's beverage landscape, with hemp-infused beer. Combining ancient brewing traditions with the modern possibilities of hemp, this brand has captured the attention of beer enthusiasts and sustainability advocates both.

Addressing the legalities associated with hemp incorporation into beverages in India posed initial challenges. However, with evolving regulations favouring hemp-derived products and the approval of hemp seeds by FSSAI as a food product, the pathway for integrating hemp into CanaCraft's beer became clearer. The gradual social acceptance of hemp-based products also facilitated a smoother transition.

The concept of fusing ancient brewing practices with the versatility of hemp materialised from the recognition of the botanical relationship between hops and hemp. With this understanding, CanaCraft embarked on formulating a unique hemp beer recipe that married the aromatic qualities of hemp with the craftsmanship of traditional brewing techniques, resulting in the creation of  Hemp Lager.

CanaCraftDhaval Panchal

CanaCraft stands firmly committed to promoting sustainability through hemp. Beyond introducing this beverage, the brand champions hemp as a multifaceted plant offering solutions for climate change and diverse industries, from medication to clothing.

The introduction of this premier hemp beer marks a watershed moment for the country’s beverage industry. CanaCraft not only pioneers a new category but also signifies a paradigm shift where innovation converges with creativity, offering consumers an aromatic and refreshing alternative to traditional lagers.

CanaCraft’s emphasis on quality ingredients—premium malts, hops, and selectively sourced hemp from Uttarakhand farms—sets it apart from conventional beers. The Hemp Lager boasts an aromatic, smooth, and refreshing taste that has garnered positive feedback from both beer aficionados and the wider public.

CanaCraft aims to expand its production, initially targeting 2000 cases per month to cater to growing demand in Goa and plans to extend its reach to other states and even international markets. Future innovations include the development of new variants and even foraying into non-alcoholic hemp beverages.

CanaCraft’s trailblazing entry into India’s beverage realm not only signifies a novel brewing approach but also heralds a new era of sustainability and innovation.

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