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This Week In CultureL: Pataka Boys R: Ranj & Clifr

This Week In Culture: A Parsi Bhonu, Himalayan Yak Dolls, & Much More

Welcome to this week's edition of the Homegrown Culture Bulletin. This week, we've curated a selection of exceptional films, music, and products that celebrate the boundless creativity of our homegrown artists. We have stories of South Asian musicians in the film Mastané and are diving into the magic of Kiran Rao's filmmaking in Laapata Ladies. We've also hand-picked music releases by artists like DEE EN, Pataka Boys, and RnB duo Ranj & Clifr. On the events front, foodies can explore food's cultural and anthropological impact at the Studying Food Workshop or savour an authentic Parsi Bhonu experience. Finally, bring home the Himalayas with Mapcha's sustainable (& cute) yak dolls or embrace slow living with Péro's latest collection. It's all here, waiting to be discovered. 


Bappi Lahiri by Pataka Boys

Start your day with PATAKA BOYS' new track Bappi Lahiri. This explosive song, named after the disco legend himself, fuses golden-era American beats with Indian folk and Bollywood flair. What’s more the electrifying video, shot in Amritsar, brings the cultural fusion to life. Bappi Lahiri is just the first taste of their upcoming album, which speaks to their love for underground hip-hop and their desire to shatter musical borders.

DEE EN's Saturn Return

DEE EN has finally returned with their much-awaited EP. The signature hazy soundscapes remain but with a newfound maturity reflecting growth and self-discovery. The album delves into the introspective themes of a Saturn Return, evident in its title. However, don't expect a melancholic slog. DEE EN's merging genres and eras, with a bit of help from their daring collaborations. What you can expect is a more complete and authentic expression of the band, where complexity and warmth intertwine for a truly cohesive experience.

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Ranj & Clifr's Ain’t Like Me

Ranj & Clifr's new single Ain't Like Me is a compelling blend of old and new. This nostalgic R&B track features Ranj's vocals, honed by Carnatic music and opera training, layered over Clifr's fresh twist on classic R&B production. It's catchy and introspective, exploring the complexities of love and the journey of self-discovery within a relationship.  The fusion of Ranj's cultural background and Clifr's contemporary touch makes Ain't Like Me a standout.

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Mastané: Raaginder & Asad Khan explores the distinct journeys of two South Asian immigrant musicians. The mini-documentary lays bare how their upbringings in Thailand and Pakistan, and their experiences in North America, shaped their artistic identities and ultimately led to their collaborative project, 'Mastané'.  The film delves into the power of music as a sanctuary for both artists and celebrates their fusion of hip-hop and desi roots. Interwoven with intimate interviews, Mastané breaks the bounds of a simple biography and offers a glimpse into the creative spirit of the South Asian diaspora.

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Laapataa Ladies

Poster of Laapata Ladies
Poster of Laapata LadiesNetflix

Forget the tired tropes of 'trad wives' vs. marriage boycotters. This film tackles the complexities of womanhood and societal expectations with a nuanced story. Set in rural India, the film uses humour to expose deep-rooted patriarchy. Two brides, Phool Kumari (naive) and Jaya (independent), get accidentally swapped, which ends up sparking journeys of self-discovery that challenge societal expectations. The film explores the spectrum of masculinity too, showcasing its impact on women's lives. Though set in 2001, the themes touch with contemporary issues like female empowerment and education. With the ghunghat (veil) transforming from a symbol of oppression to one of liberation, Laapataa Ladies offers a thought-provoking exploration of womanhood and a hopeful vision of breaking free.

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Himalayan Yaks Dolls
Himalayan Yaks DollsMapcha

Mapcha's Himalayan Yak Dolls

These adorable hand-crafted yak dolls made from wool and felt offer comfort and companionship for all ages. More than just cute, these Himalayan yaks by Mapcha connect you to a rich cultural heritage. Made by a fair-trade enterprise empowering local artisans, each doll becomes a tiny ambassador, bringing a touch of Himalayan peace and a celebration of Tibetan and Himalayan design to your home. Consider adopting a cuddly yak – it's comfort, culture, and a unique gift all rolled into one.

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'Studying Food' By Dr. Kurush Dalal

This 3-day workshop by archaeologist-chef Dr. Kurush Dalal goes beyond recipes, exploring the hidden dimensions of food.  You will be presented with a chance to explore food as a lens into history, anthropology, and archaeology, uncovering the stories behind ingredients and their cultural significance. See how food reflects history, religion, and politics, and even shapes the future. This immersive experience goes beyond the plate, examining food's influence on diasporas, media, and even artistic inspiration- while enjoying delicious meals prepared with fresh local ingredients at the idyllic table farm in Alibaug.

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Péro's Latest Collection

Péro defies trends and micro-seasons, focusing on timeless design and craftsmanship. Their content feels like a curated experience, unlike the constant algorithm-driven feeds. Something that puts them apart is how they reveal their collections in "verses" over months, building anticipation and educating their audience on inspirations and cultural references. The collection features French vintage textiles reinterpreted with traditional Indian techniques and crafted by local artisans. Péro is a mindful alternative to the fast-fashion cycle, valuing heritage, craftsmanship, and slow living through its unique design and storytelling approach.

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A Parsi Bhonu

This guest chef series presents a chance to experience a Parsi Bhonu, a celebratory feast showcasing over 80 years of cherished Parsi family recipes. Led by Chef Delzad Avari and his Maasi (aunt) Hira Wadia, the menu promises to be an exploration of the rich culinary heritage of the Parsi community in India.

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